About Our Firm

interiorBlankenship Law Office is located in Historic Downtown Kingsport, Tennessee. While we are located in Kingsport we practice regularly in courts throughout the state. David Blankenship and C. Christopher Raines, III are admitted to all Federal and State courts including the United States Supreme Court. Blankenship Law engages in the practice of law in many different areas ranging from personal injury for plaintiffs to real estate matters and closings.

“It’s easier to ask us what we don’t do than to ask us what we do” Blankenship says. We invite you to consult with us about any legal matters that might confront you. We possess the qualifications and staff to help you and to be sensitive to your needs. We accept most major credit cards and we will discuss fee arrangements. Come by or call to make an appointment at 423.246.5052. We look forward to working with you to achieve your legal goal.

Choosing an attorney is an important decision which should not be made lightly. You should ask your prospective attorney about the experience in the area of law for which you seek aid. For the aforementioned reason, we do not handle all matters. If we do not handle matters, we will recommend you either to an attorney we know who does handle such matters or to the bar association which maintains a referral service.

We bring in experts when necessary to represent your interests. Legal matters are often very complex and the outcome may turn on what you consider the most insignificant fact.

Please contact our office for further information regarding our practice and how we might be of assistance to you. We provide consultations on your legal issues in person, or by telephone. Consultations are by appointment only as we need to make sure sufficient time is set aside to give your issues the time they deserve. We believe you should not wait until you are in a lawsuit to speak with an attorney.